Intended Nursing Advisor

Please select the appointment type to make a booking.

Newly accepted students

This meeting type is for students who have recently been accepted and have received their Statement of Advanced Standing from the Registrar’s office.

Select this option if you are scheduling your first academic advising meeting.

(1 hour)

Prospective Student Meeting

This appointment type is only for students who have not been accepted to Cedar Crest College yet and who have questions that cannot be address by an Admissions Advisor.

(1 hour)

30 minute appointment

This appointment length should be used for the following standard appointments:
Help planning next semester courses
Learning how to navigate MyCedarCrest Page
TEAS discussion
Discussion of current grades/Where you are on Nursing Admissions Rubric
Discussion regarding if you need summer/winter courses
Questions regarding the requirements for starting the Nursing program
Discussion regarding changing start date for Nursing

(30 minutes)

1 Hour appointment

This should be used for

Academic Recovery/Mid term Recovery
Change of Major

(1 hour)

Nursing dismissal

This appointment type is only for students who have been dismissed from the Nursing Program.

While it may not take a full 1.5 hours, I want to make sure we have enough time to cover all options available to you.

Please complete My Majors and print results for out meeting. My Majors is found at

(1 hour and 30 minutes)

Registration Ready

Use this only if you have your schedule worked out and you just need to be cleared to register.
This means you know what classes you are taking on what days/times.

If you make this type of appointment, please email me your schedule no later than 8 am the day of your appointment. This way I can pull it up during our appointment time.

(15 minutes)